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Mon - Fri : 09:00 - 17:00
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Everest Management Corp is a California State Registered Investment Advisory Firm

We help our clients with an unbiased, objective and low-cost wealth management service that includes:

401K Guidance

College Savings

Retirement Planning

Asset Management

Who we are

The principles of the firm have MSCE , MBA Degrees, Series65 License and RICP Designation

The seeds of this company were sown during the early days of 2000. In the midst of the dot-com decline, the two principals tried to obtain investment advice from large financial firms for their personal finances. The experience was quite unsatisfactory. Quality of advise was poor, fee structures were high, and there were severe conflicts of interest. The principals then went down a path of self-help and gained knowledge into investing concepts based on evidence backed by solid academic research. This resulted in a set of investment practices that were applied to manage their own finances. The principals spotted a business opportunity to serve the community based on these practices and incorporated Everest in 2006. Ethics and Integrity are core values of the founding team and basis on which the firm continues to operate. We are also family oriented, are active in our communities and share a passion for helping people.

Everest has grown its business steadily through client referrals and currently has 40 clients and manages about $57Million in assets.

Investment Philosophy

We focus on constructing diversified portfolios using passive investment vehicles. We focus on what we can control – Risks, Costs and Taxes. This allows systematic benefits for the client that compound over time.

We utilize Mutual funds and ETFs as the primary vehicles to construct portfolios optimized for improved risk adjusted returns.

We diversify portfolios across multiple themes i) Asset Classes ii) Geographies iii) Economic scenarios iv) Risk factors

Practice Management

We focus on delivering holistic solutions across multiple accounts at the household level (Taxable, Trust, IRA, 401k) and support multiple custodians (
TDAmeritrade Institutional,  Fidelity401k, Vanguard401k, and Schwab401k)

Solutions are designed based on client goals as well as their need, willingness, and ability to take risk

We have invested in advanced portfolio management automation system that delivers benefits for clients through i) Tax loss Harvesting ii) Opportunistic rebalancing iii) Timely deployment of new capital

A “Good Fit” is Important

The foundation of an effective client-advisor relationship is mutual trust. In the course of developing a goal-based plan, we will question you about your goals, dreams, and values. It is important that the relationship between the client and advisor be a “good fit”.

Our typical clients are:

  • Goal oriented and willing to commit to the process involved.
  • Comfortable delegating to an advisor in a longer-term partnership.
  • Understands and aligns with our investing philosophy.
  • Is *not* seeking to “always beat the market substantially”.

We service clients from various backgrounds:

  • Doctors
  • Senior Executives in Hi-Tech
  • Airline pilots
  • Senior Engineers
  • College Professors

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Commitment, Trust and Knowledge is what you can expect working with us

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